Cyberduck mis à jour en version 4.7.3

cyberduck Client FTP

L’ap­pli­ca­tion au célèbre canard jaune Cyber­duck qui per­met de se con­necter en tant que client sur les serveurs FTP (File Trans­fer Pro­to­col), SFTP (SSH Secure File Trans­fer), Web­DAV (Web-based Dis­trib­uted Author­ing and Ver­sion­ing), Ama­zon S3, Google Cloud Stor­age and Rack­space Cloud Files a été mise à jour en ver­sion 4.7.3 :

[Fea­ture] Shared book­marks and his­to­ry with CLI and Moun­tain Duck in appli­ca­tion group sup­port direc­to­ry (Mac)
[Fea­ture] Importer for ExpanDrive book­marks (Mac)
[Fea­ture] Authen­ti­ca­tion with PAM scheme (iRODS)
[Bug­fix] Files are dam­aged after being syn­chro­nized with mir­ror action (#8657)
[Bug­fix] Cer­tifi­cate chain dis­played not com­plete (#8885)
[Bug­fix] Per­mis­sion fail­ure delet­ing files look­ing for inter­rupt­ed mul­ti­part uploads (S3) (#9000)
[Bug­fix] Sup­port for Infre­quent Access (Stan­dard IA) stor­age class (S3)
[Bug­fix] XML val­i­da­tion fail­ure with Access­Con­trolPol­i­cy ele­ment (Google Stor­age) (#9002)
[Bug­fix] Do not try list con­tain­ers if default path is pro­vid­ed (Open­Stack Swift) (#9038)
[Bug­fix] Faster con­nec­tion set­up with many con­tain­ers (Open­Stack Swift)
[Bug­fix] Fail­ure upload­ing mul­ti­ple files (iRODS) (#8911)

L’ap­pli­ca­tion est disponible via l’App­Store ou directe­ment sur le site du développeur en ver­sion Mac et Win­dows :


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