Cyberduck mis à jour en version 4.4.4

cyberduck Client FTP

L’ap­pli­ca­tion au célèbre canard jaune Cyber­duck qui per­met de se con­necter en tant que client sur les serveurs FTP (File Trans­fer Pro­to­col), SFTP (SSH Secure File Trans­fer), Web­DAV (Web-based Dis­trib­uted Author­ing and Ver­sion­ing), Ama­zon S3, Google Cloud Stor­age and Rack­space Cloud Files a été mise à jour en ver­sion 4.4.4 :

[Fea­ture] Default region select­ed in cre­ate fold­er pan­el (Open­stack Swift) (#7678)
[Fea­ture] Two-fac­tor authen­ti­ca­tion (SFTP, Google Authen­ti­ca­tor) (#7573)
[Bug­fix] File seg­ments not delet­ed when a large object is over­writ­ten or man­i­fest is delet­ed (Open­stack Swift) (#7682, #7679)
[Bug­fix] Re-authen­ti­ca­tion fail­ure (Open­stack Swift) (#7608)
[Bug­fix] Down­load­ing dynam­ic large object fails (Open­stack Swift) (#7693)
[Bug­fix] Can­not update ACL with anony­mous grant (S3) (#7726)
[Bug­fix] Could not gen­er­ate DH key­pair (FTP-TLS, Win­dows) (#7738)
[Bug­fix] ACL not main­tained when replac­ing files (S3) (#7756)
[Bug­fix] UNIX per­mis­sions not main­tained when replac­ing files (SFTP)
[Bug­fix] Han­dle miss­ing direc­to­ry mark­er files objects on delete (Open­stack Swift) (#7876)
[Bug­fix] Make “Skip” trans­fer option only apply to files (#7653)
[Bug­fix] Reg­u­lar expres­sion fil­ter ignored for syn­chro­niza­tion trans­fer (#7840)
[Bug­fix] Pro­vide X‑Cdn-Ios-Uri (Rack­space Cloudfiles)
[Bug­fix] Local file time­stamp changed dur­ing file com­pare (#7789)
[Bug­fix] Option to fol­low redi­rects on PUT (Web­DAV) (#6586)

L’ap­pli­ca­tion est disponible via l’App­Store ou directe­ment sur le site du développeur en ver­sion Mac et Win­dows :


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